First Step To Maximum Wellness is not just my company’s name, it is also my philosophy. The first step is commitment.

Committing to yourself to enrich your life through looking after your body, mind and spirit. There will always be excuses not to start “I do not have enough time”  being the most prevalent. But, if you listen to that little voice in your head (which is easy to do), then it wins and you lose.

It is time to impress yourself!

You’ve got to realize (and I can’t stress this strongly enough) that “your body is your home“. If it doesn’t perform the way it’s expected to, then what?

No matter how long you have neglected it, it is so ready to work for you. It is up to you to challenge and take it to where it used to be, or where it has never been before. Muscle has memory and it’s just waiting for you to commit.

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – that statement is so true.

Let’s work together to prevent you from possibly hearing the words “Type 2 Diabetes”, “Osteoporosis”, “Morbid Obesity”, “Heart Disease”, Hypertension” applied to you.

Many of these conditions are caused by lifestyle choices and can be prevented and in most cases reversed by looking after yourself.

This is a process and it starts with building your foundation. We straighten your body before we strengthen your body. This is done through assessing any postural or muscle imbalances that have come about through daily living and bad habits.

We start with your starting point and work from there to not only improve your health and well being, but also to increase your strength, endurance, flexibility and sense of fun! Wouldn’t it be nice to have fun again and to have more energy and passion for your life?

My goal is to help you bring out your “inner sparkle” through an educational and fun workout that will leave you feeling challenged, uplifted and knowing more about your capabilities than at the start of the session.

The body is a spectacular piece of science and art. Helping others see that within themselves is my passion.

When you are ready to take the First Step to Maximum Wellness, let me know. Your body will be waiting for you!