Personal Trainers in Toronto

There are many questions to ask when hiring a Personal Trainer The first and most important one is  to make sure that he/she is Certified. If they are not a Certified Personal Trainer, then they will not have liability insurance. In other words, run away.

Someone who is serious about what they do will have education and credentials behind them and their rates will reflect that.

What is their education/background and do they have any specialties or specific populations  that they work with?

How long have they been in this field and do they take continuing education courses and workshops? If they don’t then you are working with someone who is not up to date on the latest research and techniques in fitness and health.

What is their style of teaching and would that work for you?

Is there anything that sets  them apart from the rest? A trainer that is unique in their field and well rounded is a trainer you want to work with. I, for instance am not only a Certified Personal Trainer but I am also a Certified Posture Specialist as well as a Certified Orthopedic  Exercise Specialist

Those are the  main questions that I would ask if I were interviewing trainers. Hope it helps!

If you have any questions regarding this or anything else about me or my services, just ask.

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