Get A Jump On It

Most people think of December as the month of winding down. Work slows down for the holidays and except for the running around brought about by the holidays, your energy levels and metabolism seem to wind down as well.  It is the time to eat too much, drink too much and exercise less.

We can always worry about that In January, right?  Well you should at least be thinking about it now. The gyms are filled with new faces with good intentions in January. They have made the usual pledge to get healthier, eat better, quit smoking and so on.

If you are really serious about doing these things you won’t wait until the New Year. You won’t let the calendar dictate to you. You will do it now.

Starting a new exercise or food program is much harder in December with all of the parties, treats and other excesses around. I have great respect for those that get a head start on  positive change.

My clients are with me all year around and know that working out, eating properly, sleeping enough and reducing the stress in their lives are what will determine whether or not they are successful when it comes to their health and well being.

They and I also realize that celebrations in life are important: getting together with family and friends and having fun with food, drinks and laughs keeps the soul happy.

There really has to be a balance in life with everything that you do.

So WHENEVER you’re ready, I’m ready.

My company is called First Step to Maximum Wellness. I believe the first step is commitment.

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