Now what?

Well, we’re into the first week of January and already the resolutions of getting fitter or starting an exercise program have  started to  fall apart. Typically only about 10-20% of those wanting to become healthier will actually follow through.

I see many new faces in the gym in January with their new fitness gear on ready to go and within a few weeks they all seem to disappear.

They  all have good intentions but as we know the road to a certain destination is filled with good intentions.

What went wrong? They didn’t have a map on their destination.You need to have a plan before you start any journey and becoming fitter and healthier is no different.

The first thing that I always tell people is to hire a Certified Posture Specialist who will assess any muscular imbalances/weaknesses and then a Certified Personal Trainer. It’s important to make sure you are doing things correctly from the start using proper form. It may just take a session or two to get a program going for you or you may find that you like the motivation and the support that comes from working with a fitness professional. Do it right from the start and you will find that you are more likely to stick with your program.

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