May is known as Correct Posture Month in the U.S. but what about Canada?

We don’t even have a Correct Posture Day. What’s that all about? We have a “neighbour day”, a “no socks” day and a” world turtle” day but not even one day for posture?

US citizens have a whole month to observe, become aware and change their posture. We don’t even give it a day.

You know what that means? That means that for at least one month the Americans will have the awareness to stand taller, walk with confidence and complain less about back and neck pain while we Canadians will be slouching at our desks with our heads hanging forward and APPEARING timid and weak by our lack of stature. You notice that I emphasized “APPEARING”.

We know that we are not weaker than Americans but come on Canada, give us a month, a week or at least a day where we too can become more aware of our posture and how it affects not only our physical health but our mental health as well. Let the world know that we too can walk tall WITHOUT carrying a big stick!

Let’s make everyday Posture Day because your posture shows the world who you are

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