Orthopedic Exercises

(Post- Op. /Post Rehabilitation)

Would you ever think of just watching someone drive their car and then just copying what they do?  Of course you wouldn’t. So why do people do that in the gym with their most prized possession; their body?

Most of the people that workout in gyms are working out incorrectly. They have learned poor techniques from watching others who are performing workouts incorrectly or from other unreliable sources. They are lifting too much weight or moving too quickly or working in the wrong movement patterns in poor form while adding resistance. After doing these actions for a while, muscle weaknesses, imbalances and injuries start setting in and making things much worse.

If you’re lucky these can be caught and corrected BEFORE major surgery and rehabilitation may occur.

If not, then surgery and rehabilitation may be your only option and then what? Do you stop working out completely or do you learn how to work out properly, safely and in good and proper form.

As an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, I have the expertise to help clients hindered by muscle imbalances or musculoskeletal disorders restore function following orthopedic rehabilitation. Being able to  understand a client’s baseline musculoskeletal condition and minimizing the impact of their limitations before placing it under stress with movement or exercise is essential to any program

I can design exercise programs that will incorporate appropriate progressions and strategies that will help to improve movement patterns as well as improve muscular strength and endurance while avoiding injury.

If you do it right from the start you will not have to end up in surgery, rehabilitation or in constant pain.