Being in good posture and having proper body alignment is good for you physically and mentally. It requires minimal energy from your muscles and keeps your joints and organs working optimally. It also feels good and makes you more confident. Your posture plays a major role in how you sit or stand. It also affects how you move through the day and throughout your life.



Did you know that one of the leading causes of back and neck pain is poor posture? The stress placed upon your spine causes pressure on the joints and nerves. Permanently stretched ligaments, disc injuries, arthritic changes in weight bearing joints and damaged cartilages due to abnormal friction are just some of the effects of poor posture.

Most people are concerned and recognize the need to improve their posture but don’t know how. They are in need of someone who is qualified to do a complete and detailed postural assessment on them and to work with them on how to correct it.

Being a Certified Posture Specialist as well as a Certified Personal Trainer enables me to have the best of both worlds. I can show you what needs to be improved and corrected. I will teach you how to implement proper posture into your activities of daily living and then design a safe, effective and individualized fitness program tailored for your needs.

My approach to fitness training starts with an in depth postural assessment. The primary focus is on correcting your posture before we start a corrective exercise plan. Straighten the body before strengthening the body. Not doing so will only perpetuate any problems that already exist. We start by building the foundation so that you can have what I call “SAFE STRENGTH”. Without that foundation, you may be able to lift a lot of weight many times but at what cost to your body.

Three things I can tell you about posture are:

1-Maintaining good posture requires a daily proactive approach.

2-We were meant to move and not sit for long periods of time.

3-Good posture is created by knowing how bad posture develops.